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Twill be a great comfort to us all to know that the issue is explained adequately for numerous undead scenarios.

read "zombie survival guide" for fly and or carrion rejection of the undead host body. book is by max brooks and is fiction based in reality. real biology answers the carrion question..........fu

we have ways of dealing with the fly population, we do, we do.

Come to think of it, in the longer-developing scenarios, like THE WALKING DEAD and many of the sequel movies, you'd expect not just an explosion of the fly population, but a general increase in all manner of carrion feeders, many of which would be able to prey on moving walkers as well as on the corpses strewn all across the countryside.

Well, good point, the Resident Evil franchise tried to answer that with the mutated crows, verisimilitute, sometimes is beside the point, they threw out Strazynski's script to make it more actiony

Well, I've still never gotten into what really bothers me the most about THE WALKING DEAD and other mass kill scenarios: Why aren't there more flies? There would be zillions of flies. It's the zombie movie equivalent of noise in outer space.

Well that scene in New York. that figures prominently in the trailer, doesn't come up until quite a ways into the story, the book opening up in China, and segueing to Israel, and parts west, and east