Comments on After East Ghouta 2: Nowhere To Be Found by miguel cervantes

We saw this story back in '98, under Primakov,

Sorry Halabja, it was the partisans of the insurgents in the latter instance, insisted we had used chemical weapons, like the promoters of the Jenin massacre.

No, you haven't, neocons as I recall, were cut out of most of the brilliant moves that the Realists made in the 80s, the Iraq Card, relying on the Sauds to pick the mujahadeen factions, smart moves like that, that had us holding Saddam's bloody hand during Fallujah, they had on balance a more nuanced view of Latinl America as well,

Ironically, Romney might have given them more of a hearing, sneering about neocons has a bitter taste now doesn't it.

The resemblance to the zachistas, 'cleansing' operations is not incidental: