Comments on Face of the Faceless by miguel cervantes

Wilentz piece, reminds of Dos Passo's complaint aired often in the
USA trilogy, through Randolph Bourne, what exactly does he believe,

Well possibly, but at least the second venue, burns with BDS, so 'it's kind of a coals to new castle'

Well Wilentz does an interesting Minitrue exercise, not that's terribly successful, although aspects of it, might explain the
affinity with Putin,

that train sailed five years ago, yes Perkins is careless in language, it's a poor reaction to the Hollande idiocy being bandied about DeBlasio, and others,

Furthermore a publication owned by a facebook mogul, has some nerve, deriding a retired oligarch, who before he facilitated
Gore's carbon capping fantasies, did bring value to the world,

Well that's a level three Godwin violation, purging of the kulaks might be closer,