You got a project? Frog needs a project, even if it's just doing the next fifteen minutes better than the last fifteen.

Sheez, we couldn't even manage that! Congrats on having a noble prize piece winner in the family. Guess you coulda done worse.

Occasionally FOS is pretty good compared to the average, but we're not here to praise or bury Chait, are we?

Not sure H quite qualified as a Nazi "bureaucrat," but there are very few who don't in some way hold his Nazi collaboration against him, and even fewer who will admit it. As for the theory on economic policies, it would be that in America there are no truly "race neutral economic policies." To re-phrase my argument, the problem for a liberalism that sought to embrace that theory is that if everything is race, then race itself is neutralized except practically as a principle of dissolution of the liberal-democratic state or end of the liberal project.