I picked it up second hand, in a supermarket sale, as a paperback, I'm still kind of traditional that way,

Did you ever get around to that comparative tale, of late 18th political developments, the Great Upheaval, it shows how despite some close calls, the US was able to ignite a liberty revolution, whereas the French, lapsed into tyranny, Committee of Public Safety, and Catherina only tasted the enlightenment and Russia returned to repression in short order,

Actually, before I heard of Pestritto, I see it from the classically liberal perspective, which got such short shrift in Bismarck's Germany, along with List, Wagner and Schmoller, re
Caldwell's bio of Hayek, a Lockean view, ultimately the German philosophers you can Nietzche and Schopenhaer, evinced such a negative and ultimately wrong view of human nature, it's not an
accident that shrunken societies arose from that environment,

I would beg to differ with Hegel, liberty and tyranny do not coexist, like matter and antimatter they explode, the dialectic does not work, the problem with Fukuyama, pre marxist philosophies were a problem, note Solovviev, in Bely's Petersburg

Well libertarian or progressive side of the regime, they have little of the former, in fact community organizing must by it's very nature eschew the former, how else 'to rub raw, the sources of discontent' Sterling I don't care for, apparently his deeds were not significant to stop receiving his danegeld, Eich, a real thought criminal, supported Tom McClintock, a sign of his clear

Paul pere has much stupider things, so feeding the crocodile won't help Rand, even though he has an argument re the Drug War, But on the Trayvon matter, many made a fool of themselves, chief among them Spike Lee, the New Black Panther Party, our version of Boko Haram, similarly can we forget the Dorner groupies, the followers of a homicidal cop,

No, Sterling paid the danegeld, and that protected him, for a time,
Dean was induced to make some remarks, that were outside the scope of a nuisance suit, interestingly she was as fervent a supporter of Obama as any member of the Sirius cybernetic corporation, Robertson,
had an unpolitic but not unremarkable expression, acceptable for some religions and enterprises but not others, Your category error re Bundy, is already wellknown, but one can add another to the mix,
Nicholas Wade formerly of the New York Times,