miguel cervantes: the New Black Panther Party, our version of Boko Haram

Some NOI lamers in wannabe Panther garb that no one takes seriously, and you equate them with a heavily armed band of murderers & child rapists because...?

Good point on Sterling though. I suspect that the combination of the Clippers still sucking back then & the league wishing to play apolitical blocked doing the heavy lifting when he was caught doing concrete harms. I recall a recent column observing how different the tradeoff between commercialism and identity is among players now (I.E.: Jordan "Republicans buy shoes too" vs LeBron adding voice by demonstration to the Trayvon Martin case).
The punishment by now is more about the absurdity of someone who disrespects blacks running an NBA team.

As for the rest of them (Deen, Eich, Robertson)? Hey, boycotting works, oh well.

If the comparison is between a condition of freedom being imminent & freedom not being forthcoming then it's obvious which situation is better. That is not the comparison Bundy made though. His was one between a condition of being in literal chains vs figurative chains of dependency. As terrible as the latter can be based on the system constructed that necessitates such conditions in the first place (that is, the dispossession, marginalization & latent force threats holding people to need state "help", not the "help" in and of itself), the hope of liberation in the former was intentionally & directly to be beaten out of those so held -- in a literal sense even. Without the merest dangle of hope for better in the dependency scenario, its subjects would come to question the system itself & eventually seek to destroy it.

I could at least understand if the question were which *system* is/was more fragile, and the description of each were more accurate. But that would be expecting way too much of someone in Clive Bundy's position. From him & in the way he said it, it cannot help but sound like punching down, or at best the clueless butting in of a man who simply doesn't (and arguably CAN'T) Get It.

I think you confuse statements to the effect of an oppression being more honest from black nationalists and radicals with it being measurably "better". Any that would actually call it better I'd say are morons, as I said before. Systemic analysis along the way to consider terms of how to fight what came after is a different can of beans.