@CK MacLeod: Zolton declares that he's ready to pony up for dust-gatherers. Try him.

But if you would like, I'll send you a FOR-BID.

@CK MacLeod: Wow! Thanks again!! That Poop Freeze spray looks like a perfect gift!!

(Maybe I'll send one to Howard to augment his hair care if he doesn't quit his troll-calling.)

OK, CK. I've ordering the first book and, as well, I've ordered The Thirty Years' War,(but that was because I've always wanted to read a book written by someone named Cecily).

@Quill #5 I think that you should start by noting that 17th century England was not the same as mid-18th century England.
Certainly 17th century England was different from 17th century Spain.

@CK MacLeod: Thanks. If my mommy doesn't have to pay out my allowance money to you for Due North....

Is the first book titled Captain Altariste ?

@Quill: You might want to do a little more thinking before you decide to say that England stole all of its wealth while the US created all of its own.