Comments on Islamic Statism and Historical Necessity by miguel cervantes

Hamid, doesn't really answer the question, why so many foreign fighter, 15,ooo in the last count, from all over the world, are drawn to an extreme chiliastic Salafism, more particular to his sponsors in Dohan and the Kingdom as any other place, outside the Taliban emirate, how respectable schoolmasters in London, central bank employees in one instant in the former place, have become fundraisers,

I think the scenario will go down more like that in Terry Hayes,'s ' I am Pilgrim' (he was involved in the original Mad Max film) it's a murder mystery/spy thriller, involving the former title character. an Ivy League educated doctor turned intelligence agent, on a search for the Saracen ,a Saudi doctor trained in Lebanon, with a one man biological cataclysm, it covers from New York to Paris to Turkey and everywhere inbetween,

Yes, the Eugenics wars, then the nuclear war, which seems to be somewhere in the 2060s, then Colonel Green's reign, it's left unspoken, maybe Roddenberry, imagined a counterpart to the Black Death, that preceded the Renaissance,

well a positive fruit of the Arab spring, is the defeat of the Salafi Ennahda 'Renaissance'

party in Tunisia, in favor of the more moderate Nida, this is in part  because the former's less than enthusiastic rebuttal of the Islamic State.