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“The world of things calls for art, in which intellectual accession to being moves into enjoyment, in which the Infinity of the idea is idolized in the finite, but sufficient, image.” — Emmanuel Levinas

For the Fourth: Holy American Major League of Nations (Notes on Baseball, Booze, and the Re-De-Nationalization of Americanism)

It welcomed the tests of time/
Like an eternal friend,/
Our country is blessed,/
Our country is such!

While 2017 happens…

THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO, Cecilia Wessels, mandatory credit - See more at: http://www.timescolonist.com/man-who-mowed-lawn-with-tornado-behind-him-says-he-was-keeping-an-eye-on-it-1.20394290#sthash.ta60rCI6.dpuf

If not the very best picture of 2017 so far, the one below, which has been sweeping through Twitter, has to be in the running at least for best and most sympatico – “this man is all of us just living our lives while 2017 happens lol!” – amateur photo: According to the photo caption… Continue reading While 2017 happens…

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Counter-Drizzle on the Hypothesis of the End of the American World-Historical Era (OAG #12c)