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No exceptionalism to the rule…

Even when confronting striking evidence that something is wrong and that no one has an implementable solution, even when imagining that at least they have stepped outside of political-philosophical gridlock, American pundits, politicians, and popular historians write with unquestioning optimism

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Super up to the microsecond interactive election coverage (live remote inside my head)

ok ok ok so voted had to go to the PO second time twas on the way so why not found my sample ballot pretty easy but didn’t use it until right now voted stay Jerry my friends hah! take

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Up to the moment highly interactive superhightech election coverage…

Though I almost always have voted in any election that has struck me as potentially interesting or important, I’m flirting heavily with the idea of not voting this time around, succumbing entirely to the alienation/anomie of being one vote among

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Our up to the moment election coverage…

As for mass elections, it may also be noted that, in large states in particular, the electorate inevitably becomes indifferent in view of the fact that a single vote has little effect when numbers are so large; and however highly

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Chris Cillizza suggests that the following Jerry Brown ad “us[es] a familiar tactic” and could be “dropped into a Daily Show segment.”  The latter point verges on praise for a mere campaign ad, but I think it underrates the brilliance

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Defend Michele Bachmann Against Kenyan Satanist Islamist Attack!

Who should turn up in my inbox today but my “friend” Michele Bachmann…  She wants my money to help defend her against “crude attacks from the Left,” including the “shocking, profanity-laced attack” shown below.   Please, sit down or pull over

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Everybody Did Get Stoned

The above video (h/t Next Media and HotAir headlines) has things just about right, as far as I can tell. According to most recent polls, California voters favor a ballot measure that could legalize possession of up to 1 ounce

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Slammin’ with Sarah

Sarah Palin wants to meet me! According to RNC yenta Peter Terpulek, Sarah and I can get together either in Anaheim or California where “grassroots activists” are gathering.  Here’s the jam-packed sentence that all by itself exhausts the non-Sarah, non-financial

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12 or 13 Things I Know About Her

You can now add [alleged] résumé “enhancement” to the list of Christine O’Donnell’s problems, though apparently there wasn’t much in the education section of Christine O’Donnell résumé that actually was accurate:  So it’s more like total fabrication with some enhancement-like

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It’s strange, sure is strange

New possibility for Tea Party campaign song, especially given the latest Christine O’Donnell revelations, based on Bill Maher’s boffo tape from O’Donnell’s appearance on Politically Incorrect in 1999: O’DONNELL: I dabbled into witchcraft — I never joined a coven. But

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