Emily Crockett: Why Congress’s investigation into Planned Parenthood has scientists terrified – Vox

The letter to the committee from StemExpress also said some of the last-minute “exhibits” were unverifiable, out of context, possibly doctored screenshots of their website. One screenshot makes it look like StemExpress was advertising fetal tissue as “profitable,” they said,

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Mollie Hemingway: 11 Takeaways From Hearing On Baby Parts Trafficking – The Federalist

5) Aborted Baby Parts Are Valuable One of the most interesting things about the revelation that abortion clinics sell fetal body parts is that the unborn child is not considered a valuable human when it comes to ending her life

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The Brady Bunch Annihilated

What could better capture the nihilistic impetus of philosophical liberalism – individualized instrumental reason – than its discovery of the moral impossibility of human reproduction itself?

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