#American Conservatism

summing up

Ultimately, Rick Perry is going to be remembered as the man too stupid to win this Republican nomination. That is a remarkable feat. OR In the end, all press is good press. Perry’s campaign has been on a downward spiral

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Defining Conservatism II – Facts on the Ground

A party that gives a motivational speaker ten times the support of a two-term governor of Utah, re-elected with 84 percent of the vote, with strong bipartisan credentials and an even stronger tax reform plan … well, it’s a party in free-fall that also doesn’t understand that it is.

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from “visual poetry”

Visual-Poetry (h/t This Isn’t Happiness)

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Defining Conservatism

Robin frames right-wing ideologies as impulses β€œto defend power and privilege against movements demanding freedom and equality.” These fighting words were taken up by Daniel Larison, writer and editor at the American Conservative,

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Psychotic Elephants Smash Depressed Donkeys

…the assertion that we are one seems to be contradicted by the first mildly combative gesture.

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The Cain Scrutiny or Devolution No. 9

#9, #9, #9, I buried Herman.

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