Dan Drezner: Nate Silver says I should be nervous about the election. Here’s why I’m not too nervous. – The Washington Post

My model of this election is that Trump has a rigid core of supporters but also a hard ceiling on that support. Clinton has more voter support but also more “soft” support. These are voters who become easily disaffected when she

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Brian Beutler: Liberals Have the Wrong Fears About Hillary’s #NeverTrump Outreach – New Republic

The danger of being too solicitous of conservatives is that it’ll bump progressives out of the opposite end of a huge, unwieldy coalition. That’s why I argued recently that the right thing for Clinton to offer her new surrogates in

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Brian Beutler: The GOP’s New Delusion: Hillary Would Be Losing Badly to Any Other Republican – New Republic

…[T]he biggest flaw lies with the thought experiment itself, rather than with any particular way you run it through your mind. Even if Trump had never entered the race, the nominee would still have had to prevail in the Republican

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David Von Drehle: Democrats Try on the Conservative Mantle Shed by the GOP – TIME

Nominating Trump opened a wide lane for the Democrats, and while their own surging left wing would never allow them to fill it all, they occupied parts of it. President Obama’s Wednesday night speech rang notes of human fallibility and

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Jennifer Rubin: Clinton has Trump’s number – The Washington Post

…[T]he ad is must-watch YouTube for each and every Republican National Committee delegate. One does not need to be a policy wonk or of one particular faction in the GOP. Trump is of such low character, such an embarrassment to

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Erica Grieder: The Conservative Case for Hillary Clinton – Texas Monthly

…If Clinton becomes president, Republicans will be members of the opposition, meaning they can oppose her agenda openly and even, despite this Trump disaster, with occasional credibility. If Trump becomes president, they’ll be the loyal members of a party led

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Benjamin Wallace-Wells: Clinton Finds an Effective Attack Against Trump – The New Yorker

Clinton recalled that Trump has been saying that “the world is laughing at us” since at least 1987, when he bought a full-page ad in the Times to say so. “Reagan was President,” Clinton pointed out, and that was a moment when,

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Célia Belin: A Pendulum Swing on Foreign Policy? Not So Fast – War on the Rocks

There is a deep division within American society on U.S. engagement in the world. The split is perfectly illustrated by recent Pew Research Center figures of public support for the use of ground troops in Iraq and Syria to fight

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WR Mead: The Meaning of Mr. Trump – The American Interest

The interest groups and power centers that surround Secretary Clinton like a praetorian guard—Wall Street, the upper middle class feminists, the African American establishment, the Davoisie, the institutional power of the great foundations and educational bureaucracies, Silicon Valley, Hollywood—have defeated

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Obama’s done pretty alright, but liberals are incapable of being realistic about him

Liberals are dissatisfied with Obama because liberals, on the whole, are incapable of feeling satisfied with a Democratic president.

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