Give us this day our daily purebred, forgive our regresspasses and those who have regresspassed against us

So was looking to write a quick little post about the absence of fuster and his music videos and his naughty ribbits and thought I’d illustrate it with a link to Sweet Polly Purebred singing for Underdog, and was surprised

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Self, Portrait

That is/was/is Betty Ford, as photographed by David Hume Kennerly in 1977 (on President Ford’s last full day in office), featured over the weekend at Iconic Photos (a great blog I’ve mentioned, and stolen from, before).  Her funeral is today. 

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“A” rarely if ever equals “A” only

Sully wrote: When someone says “A” you look for a reason he may really mean “B”. Absolutely. “A” has no intrinsic meaning. “A” is defined only ever by a “B,” a “C,” a “D” and so on, backwards and forwards,

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There must be 50 ways to leave your blogger…

…but I think they fall into four broad categories: The majority simply stop showing up, without explanation or warning.  I’ve sometimes sent an e-mail when it’s an author or regular commenter who has vanished without any indication of dissatisfaction or

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Finer than frog’s hair

Even than this frog’s hair:  That’s a favorite answer of my Dad’s to “howyadoin?” and variations, and a reply to a kind inquiry from Mr. Miller via e-mail.  Apparently, I’m such a loudmouth that a couple days not blogging or

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America agonistes

The exchange over the weekend between Rex and Fuster has helped me to organize some thoughts about American conservatism.  I hope to have something more hopeful or positive to say at a later time, but, in a way that I

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