Alexandra Petri: Ted Cruz and his conscience amicably part ways – The Washington Post

“Just about a month to go,” his conscience said, whistling. “I’m excited that you’re going to vote for the candidate I pick. You can’t vote for Trump. You said if people voted for him, ‘this country could well plunge into

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Luke Thompson: The Charge of the Cruz Brigade – Soapbox

Rocky stood there in ’64 having every obscenity known to man screamed at him by angry delegates — and not just from the sagebrush Au-H-2-O true believers. Teeth gnash, feet stomp, and spit rains down from the rafters. The rank and file

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Damon Linker: Ted Cruz knifed Donald Trump and launched his 2020 campaign – The Week

Trump 2.0 needs to be an ideologically and temperamentally disciplined reboot of the original — a sleeker and smarter version that taps into the valid concerns of Trump voters without flattering quite so many of their prejudices. It will actively

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2020 contenders struggle to maneuver around Trump – POLITICO

Cruz still isn’t budging from his refusal to endorse Trump. During an interview with an Oklahoma radio station last week, Cruz said that he’s still “looking and listening” to the presumptive nominee, before adding that he’s “deeply concerned for our

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Bret Stephens: The GOP Gets What It Deserves – WSJ

And now it’s America First time again—the inevitable outcome of the GOP’s descent into populism. Mr. Cruz, who used to be fond of calling Mr. Trump “my friend Donald” when it seemed opportune, now presents himself as the only man

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If the Trump Roast Is Done, Give the Crucians Some Credit

Like all of the rest of us, including Trump and his voters, Cruz and his team may have underestimated how long it would take for the tectonic shift in the sub-structure of the race to occur. They likely hoped to depend on nominally “evangelical” voters to carry them through the first part of the primary, and did not fully recognize how much they needed the terror of Trump to drive the rest of the party into Cruz’s arms. Still, their theory of the race seems to be holding.

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Did Cruz Just (Finally) Cancel “The Pledge”?

Dueling Pistols

“I don’t make a habit out of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my family.”

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Goodbye, Reaganism, too?

The further question concerns the American Republican, or conservative, or rightwing concepts – separately or all together – in relation to the evident crisis of the Republican Party. The coalition that appears to be deconstructing itself before all of our eyes – conservative intelligentsia and base disgusted at their mirror reflections, each other – is not just the Bush coalition, but the Reagan coalition.

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