Mitt v Newt: Triumph of the Negative Will

To re-state the theme of an earlier post written during the previous Newtening, the further Gingrich goes, the more the “massive external event” must be considered to have already undermined the position to which he ascends. He already represents crisis within the Republican Party.

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Even Conservatives Occupy

Even partisan primaries must eventually, if only intermittently, if only for a moment, re-capitulate the state as a whole.

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Gingrich v Obama would be great for the country – and for liberalism

After such debates, an Obama victory would signify more than just the re-election of a moderately popular president over an opponent who fails to inspire the base of his own party—as happened with both Bob Dole in 1996 and John Kerry in 2004. It would expose the moral and logical defects of the conservative ideology that has been mostly dominant in the U.S. since 1980, even under Democratic presidents. Then, perhaps, a true liberal revival could begin.

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fear the Newtening

Gingrich is like the heavy-metal roadie your daughter brings home after having fallen for the motorcycle guy, the drug dealer, and that creepy way-too-old one. She lost interest in all of them, so no reason to worry too much about

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What we’re talking about when we’re talking about Newt

The GOP nomination fight as a test case for eternally unlikely theories of fundamental political-historical change.

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