#Hillary Clinton

Hisham Melhem: The Republic of fear and loathing – Al Arabiya English

Trump and his lieutenants repeatedly savaged his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton and all but declared her as the Devil incarnate. Wild chants of “lock her up” or “Hillary for prison” were the background chorus to many speeches. In fact, Ben

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David Rothkopf: How to Save America From Donald Trump – Foreign Policy

It is impossible to know anything about foreign policy or care anything about America’s interests in the world and support a man like Trump. To suggest that just because many in the establishment are corrupt or dysfunctional, therefore, someone from

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Michael Brendan Dougherty: How the Bernie Sanders insurgency staved off a much bigger threat to the Democratic Party – The Week

Clinton, like any mainstream Democrat, was going to have some vulnerability on her left flank. But Sanders has kept left-wing and socialist energy (which is rising, nationally) within the Democratic Party. Yes, by running as a Democrat, Bernie has had

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Hillary Rodham Hegel

I think HRC comes off rather well in this interview with Jeffrey Goldberg:  Hillary Clinton: Chinese System Is Doomed, Leaders on a ‘Fool’s Errand’.  Makes me proud I voted for her in the 2008 California primary, though in those dark,

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