The belief system as system does not require identification of its immediate object – identification of the particular other, identification of the particular group, or, vaulting concentrically to the super-political, in our era life-and-death determinatively, identification of the nation or nation-state or state-nation – as itself a or the final ideal, as true object of worship and devotion: Belief identifies the sacrificial community, at whatever level found finding, as intermediary, membrane, the cross not the crucified, existence prior to essence: extending life of embodied self beyond and before embodiment and therefore beyond and before time and other than extinguishable, at or in necessity instantaneously re-constructing the architecture of reasoning faith radially from least thought or thing to totality to infinity: transmortality:

  1. @laseptiemewilay the discussion reveals that principal parties have only vague, often contradictory definitions of “state” @djpressman in reply to laseptiemewilay 20:45:29, 2014-07-16
  2. @laseptiemewilay combined with weak understandings of “sovereignty” and its relationship to “state” @djpressman in reply to laseptiemewilay 20:46:20, 2014-07-16
  3. @laseptiemewilay I think Israeli resistance to so-called two-state solution is much more fundamental @djpressman in reply to laseptiemewilay 20:52:33, 2014-07-16
  4. @laseptiemewilay may have been easier to suppress recognition of “facts on the ground” in various ways, at different times @djpressman in reply to laseptiemewilay 20:56:34, 2014-07-16
  5. @laseptiemewilay but both sides have continually re-discovered their respective state concepts to be mutually exclusive @djpressman in reply to laseptiemewilay 20:57:17, 2014-07-16

state-nation as nation-state

Its notion turns the whole world upside down, since the ideal state-nation is the universal homogeneous state, the world state or the democracy whose demos would be all of humankind, not any particular state within history but the action of history itself under a declared progressively “federative concept.”