Birth of a Nation

Europe is on the path toward becoming a federal country, and can work fine without the British. But what kind of future does Great Britain have without the Continent and without the euro?

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As full of grief as age; wretched in both!

Years from now, I won’t remember anything about that day except for David Stern losing control of his own league. Once upon a time, it was reassuring to look there and expect to see him, and darn, he was there. It was kind of neat. Those days are long gone. The National Basketball Association has lost its way. I feel like crying.

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Sic transit gloria basketball mundi

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-AZWCYT83k&feature=player_embedded The weird frog pointed to observations from Peter Vecsey written after a foreshadowing Game 2 ugliness, but prior to yesterday’s destined finish to the least watchable season of Laker basketball in living memory: This might very well have been

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May Day Report

…just got to finish a proofreading… and will have survived the First Draft mostly alive (strained my back somehow, possibly lifting my blind little dog, possibly sleeping funny)… The way it works is that I then do a Second Draft

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Finer than frog’s hair

Even than this frog’s hair:  That’s a favorite answer of my Dad’s to “howyadoin?” and variations, and a reply to a kind inquiry from Mr. Miller via e-mail.  Apparently, I’m such a loudmouth that a couple days not blogging or

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