Operation American Greatness

Photo by BrentDPayne

Ironic how Trump apologists, especially certain types of “American Conservative” paleo-cons, self-styled republican constitutionalists, and diverse fellow travelers all the way extending to everyday “Deplorables” drunkenly hurling foul epithets at campaign reporters, have adopted a main strategic rationale of the despised Neocons and Globalists.

Disastrous consequences

John Steele Gordon at Contentions: Krugman, Herbert, and the business-as-usual political establishment they speak for are unable to process the information that there is a limit to the debt burden even so fabulously rich a country as the United States can bear without disastrous consequences, and that we are getting perilously close to that limit.… Continue reading Disastrous consequences

Either/or vs both/and (JRub strikes again)

If someone wrote and stood by a sentence like this one: Or is it just the Jewish element that has so paralyzed the liberal intelligentsia? …we’d all call for that someone’s head – wouldn’t we?  Wouldn’t it be the basis for 100 super-hot posts at Contentions especially, tumbled forth until the (web)logs gathered beneath whichever… Continue reading Either/or vs both/and (JRub strikes again)