High Noon for the Mitt Contract

There’s usually a tradable bounce, sometimes a breathtaking recovery move, in a heavily traded stock undergoing this kind of collapse. That was one of the few trade set-ups, and one of the most exciting to act on, that I ever got any good at – but I’m not convinced at all that InTrade is the kind of market where that sort of thing is doable.

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the meaning of the meaningless campaign

Whether the eventual measures taken come from the nominal left or nominal right may be less important than the order in which the major externalities of financialized neo-liberalism de-externalize. The first decade of the 21st Century can probably be taken as a first draft for augmentation under identified emergency conditions of central power, outside of elections, but with broad popular and bi-partisan support.

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Yes, they’re Social Darwinists, but so are you

The second problem is that social Darwinism loosely speaking describes the political unconscious of most centrist liberalism as well.

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Mitt v Newt: Triumph of the Negative Will

To re-state the theme of an earlier post written during the previous Newtening, the further Gingrich goes, the more the “massive external event” must be considered to have already undermined the position to which he ascends. He already represents crisis within the Republican Party.

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Even Conservatives Occupy

Even partisan primaries must eventually, if only intermittently, if only for a moment, re-capitulate the state as a whole.

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What we’re talking about when we’re talking about Newt

The GOP nomination fight as a test case for eternally unlikely theories of fundamental political-historical change.

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Romney: Believe in White America

A dreary African American America brought to power through the African American president, versus a (ca. 99%) White America everywhere associated with Mitt Romney.

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