Re: @dscotto10’s GOPocalypse, Part 2: The Upstart – Ordinary Times

Rubio’s neoconservatism referenced bygone and imagined new eras of dominance, but Rubio’s campaign and relative to Trump and Christie Rubio himself expressed, embodied, and seemed even to undergo, or perhaps to re-enact, its emasculation.

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Jennifer Rubin: The Trumpkin hall of shame – The Washington Post

After getting out of the race, he stuck with the mealy-mouthed position that he had pledged to support the nominee, so he would. Then Thursday, he took a big swig of the Trump Kool Aid and told CNN’s Jake Tapper

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Goodbye, Reaganism, too?

The further question concerns the American Republican, or conservative, or rightwing concepts – separately or all together – in relation to the evident crisis of the Republican Party. The coalition that appears to be deconstructing itself before all of our eyes – conservative intelligentsia and base disgusted at their mirror reflections, each other – is not just the Bush coalition, but the Reagan coalition.

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