#Sarah Palin

Mouth to Mouth (Report from the War on Xmas)

The violence of [the] claim takes revenge upon it

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Sarah Queen of Cons

It turns out that Palin’s reported possible/impossible misunderstanding about the difference between Queen and Prime Minister was already a for her typically borderline schizophrenic hallucination of a deeper and insuperable truth. By the time she was asked to join the the wrong team representing the wrong choice and destined to lose, the Free World had already begun to acclaim the rightful claim to its constitutionalized monarchy, under the rules of a game that is less a game than a secularized religion whose liturgy neither is nor can be easy to change.

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Reading Sarah Palin

Palinisms within Palinisms so Palinistically Palinish as to justify extended consideration.

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Jarring’s One Word For It (Wouldna Found This Even Believable 4 Yrs Ago)

The Palin character, sitting opposite Schmidt in a campaign bus, says McCain would “continue to have an open dialogue” with the queen of England on the subject. Flabbergasted, the Schmidt character informs her the queen is not the head of government. Palin asks who is. He informs her that the country has a prime minister.

Strong said he uncovered that additional episode during the 25 interviews he conducted with principals from Team McCain. Schmidt confirmed the account.

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Beyond Palindome

Today, we lost one of the very best in American history, a reticent genius and entrepreneur… and we also saw the end of the road for one of the very worst

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Stupid Genius, or the Anatomy of a Brain Fart

Liberals think Sarah Palin is nauseatingly when not hilariously stupid.  Conservatives have convinced themselves that she’s stupid like a genius.  I think the liberals are obviously right at least in terms of conventional standards of verbal intelligence, but that doesn’t

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Sarah Palin’s Totally Non-Publicity-Seeking Revenge Tour

Indecision 2012 – Driving Miss Crazy – The Daily Show with Jon Stewart – 05/31/11 – Video Clip | Comedy Central

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One Nation and Everyone Else

The above-depicted ass-end of Sarah Palin’s command bus for her forthcoming political-religious revival tour puts all of the would-be positive elements of Palinism together in a format that seems well-designed for her fans to love and to nauseate everyone else. 

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Or was there no tragedy of Sarah Palin?

Unlike rightwing ideologues (here’s one candidate for the title) who have attacked Joshua Green’s “Tragedy of Sarah Palin” for being non-rightwing-ideological, Andrew Sullivan takes the equally entirely predictable position that Green was too kind to the once-upon-a-time Thrilla from Wasilla. 

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If only she had used her talents for niceness instead of badness

Joshua Green –  The Tragedy of Sarah Palin – fills in the details behind the unrealized promise of Sarah Palin – what some of us saw in her as a possibility based on her reformist and bi-partisan record, but which

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