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Once one dismisses the rest of all possible worlds…

I’d expected to be writing a very different post just around now

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You ought to be in communist genocidal fantasies

Or was it genocidal communist fantasies?  Genocidal fantasy communists?  Fantastical communist genocides?  Each re-combination has its appeal, and might make for an interesting, or not, new name for this blog. There’s an argument for seeking the most boring blog name

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New Recommended Browsing Beta – Updated

UPDATE: Go to the new RecBrow page and you will find a RecBrow submission form that should make this process incredibly easy!   If you’re a logged-in author, your submissions will appear immediately.  (If you’re STILL unsure about what you’re doing,

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Finer than frog’s hair

Even than this frog’s hair:  That’s a favorite answer of my Dad’s to “howyadoin?” and variations, and a reply to a kind inquiry from Mr. Miller via e-mail.  Apparently, I’m such a loudmouth that a couple days not blogging or

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Was I wacked at HotAir?

In a word, NOPE Didn’t happen, but I can see why some people might think it must have, especially anyone aware of the fact that I’ve been blogging away as usual or even more so, yet not publishing at the

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Don’t usually say much about my movie poster biz, or about new images as I add them to the site gallery. Don’t plan on making a habit of the former, but think I probably should of the latter. So from

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