#social conservatism

not discussing a conservative understanding of the sexual division of labor

To go much further would require a willingness to suspend judgment and start as though at a beginning, yet from closer to an end, on the part of all participants. Yet that requirement, even if the one thing needful, will always be too much to demand of the citizens of a democratic republic, CKM included.

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What Are Social Conservatives For? – 1 (Framing the Question)

Too esoteric for conventional polemics, yet at the same time too dangerously and immediately constitute matters of life and death. Its key exchanges mark the absence of actual dialogue, as in Poulos vs the Avalanche, and do not and perhaps cannot constitute a discussion of the matter itself, but are instead a staging of collisions between symmetrical refusals of engagement.

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His name is nobody

The economic liberal whose personality is another “private equity” is the human exponent of the universal equivalent, money, and approximates its mode of operation in his chameleonlike adaptability. Yesterday he was a social liberal, today he’s a social conservative. He doesn’t “really” care. He isn’t “really” anyone, at least as far as we’re concerned. And that’s who he is for political purposes – same as what he comes across as – no one in particular.

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