David Bentley Hart as Atheist (On Creative Principle and Creator Principal)

Simply to assert, as Hart very much seems to, that the truth of a religious tradition is utterly severable from every particular element of that tradition, that it is essentially irrelevant to the inquiry into religion what the mass of believers believe or say they believe or are asked to believe, is, for the atheist, bad faith: a mere changing of the subject if not a deception.

Foreign policy is theology by proxy, not merely because “all significant concepts of the modern theory of the state are secularized theological concepts,” nor merely because the relationship of the citizen to the modern nation-state is a sacrificial commitment, nor simply because for post-moderns theology is nowhere visible and everywhere present, but because a stance implicitly on the fate of all humankind, on the world state of states and its possible purposes, on the right relationship of each and all of us to each and all of us, is an intimation of the infinite that must be divined before it can be analyzed or expressed.