Impervious to the Tweeting Cure (Storified Exchanges with an Obama critic)

[View the story “Impervious to the Tweeting Cure (So Far)” on Storify]

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Twitter Digest: Initial Implementation (Tweets of 2014.02.21)

Almost “there”: Tweets from 2014.02.21

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Expononsensiation – Phase 4

Storify version with twitter links at: http://storify.com/CK_MacLeod/expononsensiation; Sulia version at http://sulia.com/ck_macleod/f/5da98765-e1d1-477a-ba35-e5befb2c4e82/

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You know who else used to oversimplify history?

“Counterfactual certitude fallacy” would be a corollary of historical fallacy, as in any claim of certainty that a simple alteration of a particular fatal decision would have necessarily led to an on-balance better course of subsequent events.

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