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Pacific War: Strategy and the World-Historical State
For the world-historical power there are only grand strategy and incidental diversions, at best marginal calibrations or corrections on a course already set, and alterable if at all or ever only by events, if any, developing on its own level.
Categories: History, Neo-Imperialism, Philosophy, War
American Is and Ought (2014)
We must assert therefore that, as a matter of experience and faith, expectation other than of an eventual meeting of general will and universal good is an indictment not just of liberal democracy but of humanity itself as irredeemably defective. For the individual citizen of a liberal-democratic polity, to hold to this indictment would not merely reflect pessimism, but would be a bar to participation or loyalty on parallel moral grounds - against supporting immoral enterprises and against endeavors under false pretenses. Political engagement of any type would be self-indictment, self-compromise.
Categories: Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Politics, Untimely, History, US History
The Star of Redemption (Modern Jewish Philosophy and Religion: Translations and Critical Studies): Franz Rosenzweig, Barbara E. Galli, Elliot R. Wolfson, Michael Oppenheim: 9780299207243: Books
Categories: Culture & Entertainment, Books
Turning "Add to Any Share Buttons" into a Comment-Sharer
I've wanted to add such a feature to my site for a long time, the idea being to empower and encourage commenters, while closing the gap both between blog-commenting and social media and between commenting and posting.
Categories: Web Design, Using WordPress
Integrating "wpDiscuz" Ajaxified Comments with Your Site (Case Study)
Categories: Web Design, Using WordPress, WordPress Plug-Ins
Internal Contradictions of Liberal Democracy in Relation to Islamism (Religion, 3 of 3)
Specifically in confrontation with a decisively unitary politico-religious concept of the state, an unexamined commitment to a faulty dual or dichotomous conception fundamentally compromises analysis, and turns the best political science into simplistic polemics and interventionist propaganda.
Categories: History, Philosophy, Political Philosophy, On Liberal Democracy in Relation to Islamism, Philosophy, Politics, Religion, Philosophy, Political Philosophy, The Exception
Internal Contradictions of Liberal Democracy in Relation to Islamism (Preface, 1 of 3)
I have examined this theme and connected matters in numerous posts over the last two or three years, not just in the more recent ones addressing Egypt, and I don't presently have any plans to stop. The time may be approaching for me to re-consider the key questions systematically in light of later reading and discussion. Whether that time if and when it arrives will also bring sufficient additional time with it for the work actually to be accomplished, I cannot now promise or predict. Until such time and possible time, these posts and all related posts will have to be taken as combined after- and forward to their own necessary revision.
Categories: History, International Relations, Philosophy, Political Philosophy, On Liberal Democracy in Relation to Islamism, Philosophy, Politics, Religion, Twitterei, Yoga
On every side with shadowing squadrons deep
By a strict standard, spokespersons for the Administration of George W. Bush, including President Bush himself, uttered lies while seeking popular support for the decision to invade Iraq. By the same strict standard, under which any exaggeration, self-interested omission of contrary evidence, or rhetorical coloration of the facts amounts to a lie, the leading critics of that decision are also clearly liars. The time for rigorous honesty in historical judgments does not yet seem to be upon us.
Categories: Neo-Imperialism, War
Americanist Syndrome
Would a truly "exceptional" destiny need to proclaim its independence from fate, or would it leave that task to others? Can such exceptionalism forever exclude or contain the terminal exception of exceptions to its infinite autonomy?
Categories: Philosophy, Politics, Philosophy, Political Philosophy, The Exception, History, US History
Ignoring Mearsheimer at His Moment
Categories: International Relations, Neo-Imperialism, Twitterei
Racism or Persistent Perception of Perception of Persistence
As soon as we eliminate racism or in any process of attempting to do so, we are destined to produce new virtual racisms, returning our eyes again, again, to the the surfaces of embodied lives which unsentimentally record and mercilessly display their histories and pre-histories as they really transpired.
Categories: Culture & Entertainment, Books, Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Race, Science, Untimely
Kojève's Hegel's Necessity of Atheism
Categories: Philosophy, Religion
The Libertarian Praxis Problem: Part 2
Libertarianism proceeds politically only by treasons, first to the state in existence, second to itself, always on the way to converting its principle of freedom into new oppression, or the political realization of the principle of the individual as the destruction of individuals.
Categories: Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Politics, History, US History
Genocide and the World State of States (1)
The declaration of the impermissibility of genocide is not just permission but demand or requirement for a genocide of a narrow and specific type, a pre-emptive special de-humanization of de-humanizers, or, approximately the same thing, permission for at least their juridical annihilation as human beings. In time, however, the abstract logical conflict within a faith-foundational paradox tends to erode the simple, common sense yes or no - or never.
Categories: History, Neo-Imperialism, Philosophy, Political Philosophy, War
Accounts Deleted
Just as the pseudo-interrogation of interrogations must not include interrogations of the interrogators, lest an actual interrogation of interrogation occur, the pre-emption of torture or of what is called torture becomes the pre-emption of the discussion even of that pre-emption.
Categories: Neo-Imperialism, Philosophy, Political Philosophy, The Exception, War, Torture, Untimely, War

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