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As of this writing – 17 October 2016 – I have three active plug-ins in the WordPress Repository, “Extraordinary Comments,” “Category Featured Images – Extended” (CFIX), and “WP Replace Unlicensed and Broken Images” (WP-RUBI).1

Uploading Soon:

Linkposts Aggregator (LPA)

Status: In Beta, and in use at this site and others.

As options and uses for LPA have expanded, I have increasingly begun to envision it as the basis for two plug-ins: A simple Link-Posts Aggregator, and a full-fledged “Archiver” plug-in suitable for a wide range of uses including link-posting. As soon as I have separated one from the other, and come up with a good enough name for the larger “suite,” they should be ready to go, as the code is largely complete and tested.

Thumbnail and Featured Image Fallbacks (TFIF)

Status: In development, Beta Version soon available.

TFIF is a further-extended Category Featured Images Extended, with additional options for uploading a unique Global Fallback Image and for extracting a Thumbnail or Featured Image from individual post content.

Flush Bad Thumbnail Data Utility

Status: In development, Beta Version soon available

A very simple plug-in intended to address a problem affecting WordPress sites whose content has been moved, restored, or otherwise inserted by any of a number of widely in use WordPress plug-ins. In short, WordPress may “think” your post has a Featured Image or Thumbnail attached to it, when none is actually present, resulting in unexpected display and false positives with other plug-ins or processes that depend on correct results from the has_post_thumbnail() function. The utility will allow one-click removal of bad entries from the database.

Custom Plug-Ins Already in Use

Commentariat Suite

CSLVR and NCU can be added separately, but will also work together and with similarly independent or modular add-ons that have also already been implemented elsewhere in “custom plugin” form. The major “modules” are:

  1. State of the Discussion (SOTD): Advanced, contextualized widget and archival display of last “n” comments at your site with comment excerpt expanding to full comment.
  2. Posts in Play (PIP): Widget to display and link recent posts in order of most recently commented. Combines with State of the Discussion and Commenter Archives.
  3. Comments Since Last Visit Reloaded (CSLVR): Let commenters quickly determine which comments in a thread are new, and go to or view them separately.
  4. Nested Comments Unbound(NCU): Allow “nested” comment threads to continue indefinitely in a convenient and readable, user-friendly format.
  5. Commenter Archives (CAS): Advanced, easily accessible display of a commenter’s comments within a thread or historically. Combines with State of the Discussion.
  6. Extraordinary Comments (EXC): Currently in use and uploaded to the WordPress Repository as a free-standing plug-in, EXC will in the future be integrated with SOTD, PIP, CAS, and the rest of the suite.
  7. Special Comment Quick-Tags: A fork of “Basic Comment Quick-Tags” providing for simple comment formatting.

Also in use:

Forthcoming Posts: Widget and archive for display of selected “posts in progress,” with subscription and monetization options.

Display Featured Image or Excerpt Metabox: Provides authors or editors the option, on a per-post basis, to display enhanced versions of the post excerpt, featured image, or both, along with or replacing theme-standard “single post” display.

Redacting De-Spoilerer: Provides authors, editors, and commenters the ability to conceal, and users the option to reveal, sections of a post or comment containing “spoilers” or other “forbidden” content.

Support Our Site (SOS): Add simple, style-able tip-jar to your site via widget or shortcode.

Custom Avatar: Upload your own custom avatar for users who do not have them.

Speaking of supporting anybody’s site, if you have used any of these plug-ins, or have benefited from other web development and design posts at this site, or have found other material of interest here, please consider offering a donation, or, better, signing me up for a custom configuration/installation job!

As a longtime beneficiary and student of “open source” software, I have to this point refrained from implementing “pro” versions of any of my plug-ins or other add-ons. The “pro” version of these plug-ins, for now, consists of opportunity to hire a pro (me), at reduced rates in order to get things “just so” for your site. In the process, I can offer customized recommendations for maintaining, optimizing, and further developing your WordPress site.

Further documentation, screenshots, and demonstrations will follow as development proceeds and time permits.


  1. WP-RUBI replaced “WP Replace Old Images (WP-ROI).” []
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