Download (With Changelog and Installation Notes)

Category Featured Images – Extended

This plugin allows a user to assign images to categories and tags. These images will display wherever themes, templates, or plugins use “thumbnail” or “featured” images if none has been specifically assigned. If no category or tag image is found, the plugin will look for a parent category with an image, or optionally apply a designated global fallback.


1. Install and activate the plugin
2. Go to “Posts/Categories”
3. Edit a category
4. Set the category featured image
5. Go to “Settings/Category Featured Images Extended” to set fallback options.


Available from the WordPress Plugin Repository.

1.6 – Added ability to specify post ID in CFIX template tags and shortcodes

1.5 – Integrated with Yoast SEO to use Yoast Primary Category

1.4 – Special Transitional version distributed directly

1.34 – Avoid PHP Warnings for illegal offset when no global fallback category has been set – now tests whether value has been set.

1.33 – Corrected syntax to avoid “function return value in write context” errors in deprecated (pre-5.5) versions of PHP.

1.32 – Added variable definition to prevent pesky undefined warning on activation in some installations; fixed js script localization
1.31 – Removed problematic “thumbnail false positive” detection for restoration as future option.

1.3 – Tags options
* Performance-related enhancements

1.2.1 – Sort order correction.

1.2 – Fixes serious bug created in 1.1 – so somewhat critical upgrade if already upgraded to 1.1

1.1 – Exclusion/Parent Category fallback corrections; avoid “has thumbnail” false positives.

1.0.1 – Maintenance: Typos, Uninstall Error, Admin Footer

1.0 – First Version in WordPress Repo

Development Roadmap

  1. Thumbnail and Featured Image Fallback: A plugin with all CFIX capabilities as well as options to use other images (from post content or as uploaded) for fallback purposes.
  2. Supplementary Utility: Flush Bad Thumbnail Data Tool
  3. Designate gallery of Global Fallback Images for random selection
  4. Designate Fallback Random Image Galleries for Any Tag or Category
  5. Add support for Custom Taxonomies


  1. As a futher precaution, do not uninstall CFI completely until you are sure that CFIX is working as expected for you. []