Commenter Ignore Button

Commenter Ignore Button (CIB) enables a user to put one or more commenters “on ignore.” To have such an option enabled is a frequent request at blogs and other sites, especially where comment threads are plagued by “trolls” or other exceptionally problematic users, but where site operators prefer to err on the side of openness.

As depicted in the above video, the plug-in will add a button to all comments that, when pressed, will cause all comment content by the selected commenter to disappear. This “put on ignore” effect is applied instantly (with a little bit of jQuery and CSS fading in/out), and also can be immediately reversed or toggled back again. For visitors who have cookies enabled and return using the same browser (the overwhelming majority), the designation will persist via page refreshes and across threads and sessions. CIB also comes with a template tag that can provide a list to users of whomever they have “on ignore,” and optionally include a statement about your site’s commenting guidelines.

Customization options include the ability to choose any of four automatic button positions or to disable built-in automatic placement, allowing the site operator to add a call to a template or functions file. Site operators can also apply additional CSS from the settings pages. Filter hooks have been provided to help advanced site operators and developers customize output further without hacking the main plug-in files, and CIB is translation-ready.