Download (Includes Installation Instructions and Changelog)

Commenter Ignore Button 1.0

Note that CIB is designed for standard or standards-compliant WordPress comment threads.

CIB has been written to work “out of the box” with standard WordPress comments and several common variations. In testing, the default setting worked as intended, in a a few cases after minimal adjustments without custom CSS or PHP, with 96 out of 100 “Popular,” “Featured,” and custom WordPress themes tested. It is not suitable for 3rd Party commenting systems like Disqus or Facebook Comments, however. More generally, though CIB can also be adapted to modified commenting templates, the further that your theme and commenting plug-ins diverge from typical, up-to-date WordPress, the more adjustments you may feel you have to make.


1. Install and activate the plugin
2. View a comment thread and click the little gray x that (in the vast majority of cases) will show up next to each comment author’s name. They’ll be put “on ignore” (they won’t know!). Click the green x that replaced the gray one to un-ignore them.
3. If the x’s don’t show up, or if you’re not happy with the results, or you just want to try some alternatives out, the settings pages offer a range of further options.
4. Alert your commenters to the new tool or (or virtual weapon) at their disposal.


1.0 – First Version of the Plug-In for WordPress Repository (Repo version).


1. Registered User Functions/Privileges
1. Integration with Commenter Highlight and Commenter Archives (both forthcoming)
1. Simultaneously report offensive or abusive comments.
1. Integration with a full “Commentariat Suite” of WordPress plugins.


…to all of the developers and everyday code-hackers, far too numerous to name, upon whose work I have depended. Special thanks to Vikram Bath, who provided invaluable feedback during the development process.