“Note and quote” the latest news or whatever else you find while web-surfing, easily producing a user-friendly and compact, extensively customizable list or table of “Link Posts,” usually a quote and a link, but also including Tweets, YouTubes, memes, and any other content.

Linkposts Aggregator

Using the Link-Posts Aggregator and WordPress’s built-in “Press This” tool, bloggers can turn aggregation into a “few-clicks” operation, keeping the blog-pot simmering and also providing a ready reference or web-ography. Taking advantage of extensive, easy to access customization options, users can employ LPA as a robust alternative for displaying category archives in general.

Default Set-Up

Default Link-Posts Table, Post/Shortcode Version, in "2015" Theme

Default Link-Posts Table, Post/Shortcode Version, in “2015” Theme

It’s easy to use right out of the box, and should display well on most themes. Here’s a quick video on the workflow with WordPress PressThis:

Using Press This with Linkpost Aggregator


Customization options include the ability to set new site-wide defaults for all main table elements, or to override them on a per-table basis via shortcodes, widget settings, CSS selectors, query arguments, and a palette of filters and hooks.


Sample Installation, Easy Customizations, “Accessible One Two” Theme, One Item Opened

(Last updated: 06-17-2016.)