Download (with Changelog)

LinkPosts Aggregator 0.995 *BETA*

Add a table via widget, post, or theme template collecting “link posts” – typically consisting of a quote and a link, easily added with WordPress’s own Press This tool: A way to aggregate or “note and quote” whatever you find while surfing, with extensive customization options.

Beta Version: Last updated on 13 September 2016 – Not Yet Available via WordPress Plugin Repository.


The Linkpost Aggregator was first made available as a plug-in for download on April 27, 2016, though precursors and earlier versions have been in use since December of 2015.

Before upgrading to a new Beta, be sure to save all customizations independently: I try to make conversion-upgrading-updating as smooth as possible, but the code is subject to change, and not all improvements have been thoroughly tested and publicly documented at every given point in the development process. (If you save your work, we’ll obviously be in a better position to restore it!)

Additional changes since June 2016 (new with 0.95-992 Beta versions):

  • Now with image thumbnail options
  • Numerous action and filter hooks for further customization of output
  • Ability to set multiple link-post categories, different ones table by table, or no link-post category, converting the table into a flexible, formatted posts archive
  • Counteracted potential (on rare occasion) to produce an “infinite loop” site crash
  • Date-related display options: group posts by day, week, month, or year
  • Include post date in display
  • Order results in Ascending or Descending Order
  • Order by any WP Query parameter
  • Include/Exclude additional categories by name instead of ID#, and include “child” sub-categories
  • Use “Manual Excerpt” if available, and automatically embed (render via oEmbed) Twitter, Youtube, and other URLs
  • More reliable DOM Parser rather than RegEx detection of “source link” in post content
  • Correction of several bugs and errors
  • Rationalized code
  • Readability and other improvements and enhancements to Options pages and Widget Options

If you are considering an update prior to general release (at which point the upgrade process will be simplified substantially for WordPress users), the following changes of significance to a user have been made since the end of April, in reverse chronological order:

  • Added Reset to Defaults button and other Options Page conveniences and tweaks
  • Condensed CSS styles both default and optional
  • Polished “plus/minus” image sprites, added “gray inverted” option.
  • Changed “add to template” installation via wrapper function, edited installation instructions
  • Translation-ready
  • Pagination option (for shortcode-inserted tables)
  • Enhanced error-handling (when Link-Post category not yet designated, or empty)
  • Filters and Action Hooks added
  • Extensive commenting of main code
  • Systematic re-naming of functions, classes, and helper files (like plug-in stylesheets)
  • Linking of plug-in Admin to Enhanced Plug-in Home Pages
  • “Show credit-link?” option
  • Made back-compatible with WordPress running slightly outdated versions not employing new database array language
  • Security-related enhancements (more input testing)
  • Numerous style and text edits, including jQuery function to highlight authors and sources

To Do

On the agenda…

  • Provide additional styling tips and examples
  • Customized aggregation tool and network in place of PressThis (Premium Version)
  • User submissions (Premium Version)
  • Templating System
  • Launch to WordPress Repo