Do I need to use Press This to get good results?

No – but using Press This will make getting good results, and easily aggregating posts, easy. If you’re not already using Press This, you should give it a try!

OK – what’s PressThis?

This is what’s Press This or PressThis: Press This

Here’s how to install it:

Installing WordPress PressThis

And here’s the video you may have already noticed on the LPA home page, showing how to use Press This.

Using Press This with Linkpost Aggregator

Note, the above is accomplished with default PressThis settings, for a default LPA table with “Noted & Quoted” as the designated Linkposts category in Main Settings. If you want more control over default output or other features of Press This, I recommend Brandon Kraft’s (free) Press This Extended WordPress plugin.

What if I’m on Host X, and can’t use Press This?

Some web hosts (or one very popular web host in particular) make Press This impossible to use unless you specifically request they alter a setting (supposedly for security purposes). You may need to directly request that they change the setting for your site. More info here: Enabling WordPress Press This If Your Host Is Blocking It

You can still go ahead and create Link-Posts using some other easy method of your own devising, if you want (see above)!

I really wish the default “plus” and “minus” images were different, and switching to a text style still doesn’t match my theme – can you help me?

Though extensive styling adjustment goes beyond the bounds of “normal” FAQ, there are some very simple changes you can try. For instance, the plug-in image files include three alternative +/- image “sprites” that can be easily changed out if you want to try a higher contract black and white inverted approach for your theme.

So, go to the Link-Posts “Custom Styling” tab, and try adding the following code to use a higher contrast “black and white” (bw) sprite: plus_minus_72x72_bw.png:

You can try the same approach with plus_minus_72x72_inverted.png and plus_minus_72x72_inverted_gray.png, or revert to the default plus_minus_72x72_gray.png.

If you go with a text version of the plus and minus signs, you can try adjusting any or all of color, background-color, and border color, as in the following “gray” background example:

If you want to create a perfect match to theme colors, you’ll have to find them with an inspection tool or in the theme’s style files.

I’m still not happy with how it’s coming out on my theme – what can I do to improve it?

Linkposts Aggregator was tested with a number of popular and up-to-date WordPress themes, and the default versions ought to do the trick in a majority of cases. The Add CSS tool under Custom CSS comes with some optional styling that you can try just by deleting (or commenting out… or cutting and pasting above…) a few lines.

To get carefully and expertly customized, unique results, there’s no getting around either learning some CSS on your own, or employing a pro (like this plug-in’s developer!) to help.

I’d really like it if I could do New-Feature-X with this plug-in… so how about it?

That’s funny, because I just happened to be working on New-Feature-X when I got your message… Seriously: I’m interested in all suggestions for improving the plug-in, though I cannot guarantee ahead of time how long it will take me to implement your great idea.