Download (with Changelog and Roadmap)

WP Replace Unlicensed and Broken Images 1.0.5

Replace broken, copyrighted, and other problematic images on a site’s public-facing “Front End” – highly customizable, leaves data intact.

(Replaces WP Remove Old Images)


(maintenance changes and minor text edits to “Beta” version of the plug-in will not always be noted below).

1.05 – Improved PHP “diction”; other minor fixes; compatibility with WP 4.7.3 confirmed

1.01 – Fixed missing “</div>” in “badge-links” that could disrupt some layouts.

1.0 – Now available at WordPress Repository.

0.993-5 – Updated image/link-finding Regex; separate jQuery scripts to deal with load problem in some sites; js scripts all in sub-folder; use WordPress API for “reset” notices. 17-8 July 2016

0.992 – Added options to match multiple patterns simultaneously. 16 July 2016

0.991 – Corrected some misleading language on Settings page; added “stock” replacement images for darker themes. 13 July 2016

0.99 – Improved alternatives for image replacement especially in featured images with “display: none” option; code condensed and edited; proofing in admin; visual examples of different replacement “modes” appear in options page sidebar – completing probable last tests. 12 July 2016.

0.98 – Now includes Digital Artists Alliance modifications of various types – images and code. 8 July 2016.

0.97 – Refined “erasure” mode now allows for differentiation of image types; documentation now takes apparent (unexplained) adjustment of JetPack Photon to image changes. 5 July 2016.

0.96 – Choose among replacement “display” modes: selected image, alternative png default, empty image, erase replaced image. 4 July 2016

0.95 – Fixed Regex matching for certain cases involving choices left blank. Adjusted image counting to capture all “<img>” Tags. Restrict ability to view/edit image status to Admins and Editors by defaults; optionally allow non-Editors and non-Admins to view and, for Authors, to change image removal status from All Posts, Pages, and Edit Post screens. 1 July 2016.

0.94 – Enhanced migration routines for users of earlier versions: 27 June 2016

0.93 – Enhancements – including:

  • Set and view image removal/replacement status from Post Edit and All Posts/Pages (Quick and Bulk Edit) screens
  • Category and Author inclusion/exclusion by Display Name instead of ID #
  • Category inclusion/exclusion includes “child” Categories
  • Option to replace images without file extensions (mainly served images)
  • Admin convenience improvements (expandable text areas instead of text boxes, additional editing instructions)
  • Expanded reset options: Reset main settings and post setting separately if desired

25 June 2016

0.91 – Fixed jQuery script error disabling “Add Media” for posts

0.9 – Initial Release – 13 June 2016


(Possibly including “premium” features)

  • “Recuperation” workflow – list and select cured/uncured posts/authors/categories
  • Optional database purge
  • Further develop Digital Artists Alliance (site and network)